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Giesse Diagnostics is a company founded in 1978. It is a privately held company born to give specialized technical assistance to laboratory instrumentations.

In 1989 has begun general chemistry reagent production, manufacturing some innovative products such as:

1989 Direct Copper with white sample, Zinc with de-proteinization.
1990 Calcium Arsenazo III
1992 Direct Iron, Zinc e Copper
1993 Cholesterol, Glucose, Uric Acid, Fructosamine – ready to use liquid reagents.
From 1994 onwards GIESSE Diagnostics concentrated on ready to use liquid reagents development up to completing the entire clinical chemistry series.

Experience, controls and dedication in this field made GIESSE Diagnostics one of the most accredited companies on Italian and foreign market.
To fulfil any request, Bulk , O.E.M. , or labelled GIESSE Diagnostics supplies are available.

The company quality control system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2000 regulations.
Production is in conformity with European Union regulation 98/79/CE regarding in vitro diagnostic devices and products.


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