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About Us

GIESSE DIAGNOSTICS is a family owned business company specialized in the production of in vitro diagnostics medical devices. It is an independent enterprise, which was founded in Rome, Italy on 1978. At the beginning, it started with the production of general chemistry reagents introducing some innovative products, which would be later followed by immunoturbidimetry, serology and coagulation reagents. The quality of GIESSE DIAGNOSTICS products is constantly improved by innovations in production process, analysis, documentations and services.

During the years, several investments have been done in order to improve quality management systems, which nowadays comply with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 13485:2015 – UNI EN ISO 9001:2016. Moreover, our in vitro diagnostic medical devices are in conformity with European Union Directives 98/79/CE.

Our long lasting tradition, together with courageous entrepreneurship characterizes our company. We are open to new international challenges, which we will face, by our good service and capabilities. Thanks to our efforts towards an always-innovative production, we became one of the quality market leaders in Italy and in many other countries around the world. Our quality control management guarantees all products pass rigorous and analytical tests performed at GIESSE DIAGNOSTICS internal laboratories. Products deliveries convey with all customers’ needs and safety protocols.

Our products are available in our Brand Kit / Bulk / Custom made to fulfill all your needs.

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